Thursday, March 4, 2010

Street DHR 3/8/10


Department: Street Department
Date: February 26- March 4, 2010
Prepared by Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities:

Repaired sliding door cylinder on Sanitation unit 24
Worked on arm on Sanitation 26
Replaced fuel filter on knuckle boom 105
Worked on pressure washer nozzle
Set window back on track on Sanitation 29
Replaced door pin in blue and white dump truck
Changed oil and replaced idler pulley on Police unit 804
Tightened chains on arm on Sanitation unit 27
Serviced and greased knuckle boom 107
Worked on forklift
Replaced two bulbs, put rubber stripping around door, and drilled two holes in lights for water drainage on Police unit 18
Aired all low tires on vehicles on shop yard
Took white flat bed to Spakes Sign for decals
Filled Police unit 3 with power steering fluid
Took joystick from Sanitation 26 and took to Scruggs
Installed new joystick on Sanitation 26 (problem electrical, not joy stick)
Boosted box truck
Removed radiator from Police unit 2
Checked Police unit 3 (coolant reservoir busted)
Repaired hydraulic hose on Sanitation 27
Boosted forklift
Bled clutch in White Chevy 3500
Filled Sanitation unit 29 with antifreeze
Replaced tire on black trailer
Filled Police unit 804 with transmission fluid
Replaced starter on white flat bed 3500
Replaced left and right door handles on Street unit 13

Harvey at Devilla (3)
400 Block Devilla (1)
100 Block Harvey (1)
500 Block Knox (1)
Corner of Lambert and Old Little Rock Rd (1)
200 Block N 9th (3)
N 10th and E Baldwin (1)
100 Block S 4th 9 (3)

Animal Control:
Picked up 2 dead animals from vet
Picked up 4 dead animals from streets

Other Activities:
Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes
Litter pick up at primary routes of City:
Rightor St
Walnut St
Cherry St
Porter St
Perry St
Elm St
Franklin St
Oakland Ave
Quarles Lane
Plaza St
Phillips St
Filled potholes
Checked on sink hole on Mimosa
Located switch for spray rig
Womack and Hoskins met with Mills Electric on traffic signals- ordered conflict monitor for signals at Columbia at Porter
Checked drainage runoff on Jean St-One Call
Checked citizen complaint 1100 Block Springdale Rd-Driveway collapsing
Arkansas one call for drainage sink hole on Mimosa St
Womack took joystick from Sanitation 26 to Scruggs
Checked on sink hole in alley on East side N 9th-Contacted West water Director and placed cones around and repair on 3/3/10
Installed 2nd speed hump on Springdale Rd knuckle boom 105 damaged pole in 1200 block in alley between Poplar and Beech-Contacted Entergy and followed handbook procedure
Began digging drainage culvert on Mimosa St- pipe deteriorating
Hoskins attended EASWD meeting in Wynne
Staff meeting Street and Sanitation
Stan Eckwood, Manager of Centerpoint Energy contacted Street Director on status of street cuts- contractor has been hired and will start work on 3/8/10
Knuckle boom 107 snagged low lying cable line on 500 block of Grand Ave-contacted Cable Co and followed handbook procedure

Follow Up Activities:
Repair culvert at intersection of Valley Dr & Oakland
Repair loop at Oakland and Valley Dr, Hwy 242 and Hwy 49, Hwy 49 & Hwy 49B
Ditch in Lincoln Ct off Mississippi St behind DeSquare residence

Staff Concerns/Issues:
None at this time

Gas Log:

February 26-March 4, 2010

2/26/2010 101 17  J Huff
2/26/2010 - 9 14.7  O Hoskins
2/26/2010 30 21.7 E Butler
3/3/2010 804 29 R Williams
3/3/2010 13 20 L Driver
3/3/2010 103 17 R C Smith
3/3/2010 101 19 J Huff
3/4/2010 19 24 K Sanders
3/4/2010 9 14.6 O Hoskins


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