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Street DHRa 3-22-10

                         STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT – 3/22/2010


Street Department


March 5-11, 2010


Prepared by
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack


Specific Weekly Activities:




Repaired hose and replaced stabilizing arm on Police unit 3

Checked Sanitation 29 rear tires-bent rim

Removed PTO and pump Sanitation 21

Replaced two hoses on knuckle boom 106

Installed radiator on Police unit 1

Prepared Sanitation 26 to take to Scruggs in Memphis


Replaced headlight in Police unit 11

Mounted license tags Street unit F250

Loosened brakes and moved Sanitation 21

Replaced transmission on Street unit 30

Serviced Police unit 1-needs coolant reservoir

Changed oil in knuckle boom 106

Changed extension pulley and rod on Street unit 30


Removed hydraulic pump from knuckle boom 106

C Davis went to Memphis to pick up Sanitation 26 and pick up PTO and pump for Sanitation 21

Took hydraulic pump from knuckle boom 106 to Truck Pro for repair

Removed hydraulic hose from knuckle boom 107


Replaced hydraulic hose knuckle boom 107

Removed PTO from knuckle boom 106

Replaced PTO and pump in Sanitation 21

Replaced coolant reservoir on Police unit 1

Boosted white Suburban and fork lift

C Davis and T Collins to landfill

Replaced air line and flasher on Sanitation 21

Repaired hopper light Sanitation 29

Worked on fork lift-need alternator

Replaced PTO and hydraulic pump knuckle boom 106 and filled with hydraulic oil and transmission fluid


Replaced hose on diesel tank

Replaced brakes on CID unit 404

Filled knuckle boom 106 with hydraulic fluid

Assisted with repairing tongue under asphalt trailer

Assisted in putting seals and grabber on knuckle boom 106

Greased arm Sanitation 27




Repaired sink hole 300 block Waverly Wood Lane

200 block No 10th 1

200 block Waverly Wood Lane-1


1300 block Holly-1

1200 block Pecan-5

300 block Proffitt Dr-1

1100 block Walnut-2

400 block McDonough-1

300 block Miller-1

1000 block College-2

600 block Walker-6

500 block Walker-1

700 block Walker-5

1100 block Cherry-1

900 block Cherry-1

800 block Cherry-2

100 block Stratton-2


Animal Control:

Picked up 1 dead animals from vet

Picked up 4 dead animals from streets


Other Activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Rightor St

Walnut St

Cherry St

Porter St

Perry St

Elm St

Franklin St

Oakland Ave

Quarles Lane

Plaza St

Phillips St


Womack transported Sanitation 26 to Scruggs and took PTO and pump from Sanitation 21 for repair

Began working on Mimosa St project-exposed 24" pipe (bottom deteriorating)


Continuing Mimosa St project-moved pipe to site and picked up 3 pipe couplers from Ace Hardware in Marianna


Installed pipe with bands, covered pipe with backfield dirt on Mimosa St

E Womack and C Davis went to Memphis to pick up Sanitation 26 and parts for Sanitation 21

Cleaned drains on Miller, Market, McDonough, Cooke and No 5th

Pushed up leaves from curbing on Holiday Hills


Womack contacted Central Hydraulics about cylinder for Sanitation 28

Took PTO from knuckle boom 106 to Truck Pro for repair-serviced on site and returned

Raked and blew leaves from drain on Waverly Wood Ln

Centerpoint Energy started repairing street cuts

Filled in washout Waverly Wood Ln

Cut and pruned trees at Washington St Park

Started picking up litter from Hickory Hill Dr


Picked up leaf piles on Holiday Hills

Weed eat and cut around East side City Hall

Finished picking up litter from Hickory Hill Dr

Womack disassembled manifold and replaced seals in knuckle boom 106

Womack repaired 3 saws and a pole saw

Welded tongue under asphalt trailer and took to Smith Welding for permanent repair


Follow Up Activities:

Repair culvert at intersection of Valley Dr & Oakland

Repair loop at Oakland and Valley Dr, Hwy 242 and Hwy 49, Hwy 49 & Hwy 49B

Ditch in Lincoln Ct off Mississippi St behind DeSquare residence


Staff Concerns/Issues:

None at this time


Gas Log:


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