Thursday, March 18, 2010

Street DHRb 3/22/10

                         STREET DEPARTMENT REPORT – 3/22/2010

Street Department

March 12-18, 2010

Prepared by
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities:




Replaced bearings and hub on black trailer

Replaced hose on knuckle boom 105

Replaced 2 headlights and 1 tail light on Police unit 2

Replaced brakes on Police IA brown Mercury


Replaced hopper light switch in Sanitation unit 29

Checked water leak on Police IA brown Mercury-(cracked block)

Removed two rims from junked police vehicle-Capt. Petty took to Goodyear for repair

Replaced quick release element and nozzle on pressure washer

Replaced park and headlights on Sanitation unit 21

Started removing transmission on Police unit 16 to replace front seal


Replaced front seal on transmission in Police unit 16

Replaced hydraulic hose on knuckle boom 106

Replaced front brakes, rotors and oiled bushings in Police unit 2


Checked Police unit 804 for transmission leak- need transmission pan gasket

Replaced front brakes on East Water Co unit 7

Replaced 2 hydraulic hoses on knuckle boom 106

Changed oil in Police unit 23


Picked up track hoe from job site for repair

Changed oil in white Ford 9000

Removed hydraulic hose from Sanitation unit 24

Removed cylinder from East Water backhoe



Military Rd 100 block-10

Spruce St-6

Intersection Cherry and Perry-1

500 block Arkansas-2


Intersection Sacred Heart and Phillips-2

800 block Pecan- 1 Street cut

St Andrews-7

Poplar Hill-5


200 block Poplar Hill-3

900 block East Russell-8

300 block So 9th-2


700 block Poplar-5

800 block Poplar-11

Repaired Curve at intersection of Baringo and Cleburne


200 block Adams-1

1500 block Pecan-1

1000 block Poplar-6

800 block East Park-3

900 block Poplar-1

200 block intersection Desoto at Cleburne-1

57 block Park St-1

Mooney St-2

400 block East Park-2

200 block So 4th

1st and Plaza-3

Animal Control:

Picked up 3 dead animals from vet

Picked up 4 dead animals from streets

Other Activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Rightor St

Walnut St

Cherry St

Porter St

Perry St

Elm St

Franklin St

Oakland Ave

Quarles Lane

Plaza St

Phillips St


Filled potholes

Follow-up on drainage project in alleyway between 5th and 6th St


Filled potholes

Completed drainage project in alleyway between 5th and 6th St (damaged phone line)


Womack assisted with sanitation route-Class 4 debris

Street Dept. employees attended mandatory drug-free training

Removed limb and debris from back of yard at 500 block Sioux St


Received quote from Contech Pipe Co. for 127 Valley Dr. project

Priced tarp for knuckle boom 105 from River City Hydraulics

Inmates cleaned lot at 500 block of Market and shoulders on Mooney St


Picked up trash and debris from Mooney St

Ordered 5 batteries for radios from Douthit Radio Service

Received price quote for tarp for knuckle boom 105 from River City Hydraulics

Serviced two 757 zero turn mowers

Follow Up Activities:

Repair culvert at intersection of Valley Dr & Oakland

Repair loop at Oakland and Valley Dr, Hwy 242 and Hwy 49, Hwy 49 & Hwy 49B

Ditch in Lincoln Ct off Mississippi St behind DeSquare residence

Staff Concerns/Issues:

One employee resigned

One employee injured nose repairing hose on vehicle

Gas Log:


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