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Re:  Port Authority Holds April Meeting

HELENA-WEST HELENA-The Phillips County Port Authority held its monthly meeting on April 26th and approved bids for providing insurance on the crane at the harbor and bids to complete improvements to the dock at the Helena Harbor.

The Port Board of Directors approved, without dissent, the bid for insurance on the crane from HNB Insurance.  HNB submitted the only bid after a request for bids was published.  The amount of the bid was $27,183.00.  This represents a decrease of slightly over $2300 from the premium amount for the previous year.

The Board also approved, without dissent, the approval of a bid to complete improvements to the dock at the Helena Harbor.  The improvements were requested by Helena Marine Service which has been handling the fleeting of the multiple barge shipments of pipe for unloading and use in the pipeline construction taking place in the region.  The unloading of pipe has generated over $300000 for the Port Authority since the pipeline construction in the region began.

Executive Director Martin Chaffin reported that RBE Arkansas's Rod Miller continues to work on financing possibilities to procure the necessary capital to construct his proposed $1.8 billion facility at the Helena Harbor.  Chaffin reported that one of the representatives of the potential investors had been tied up in Iceland due to the grounding of all air traffic caused by the high volumes of volcanic ash.

Chaffin also reported that T. G. Mercer continues to unload pipe at the harbor and that the company had recently sent a check in to pay for a portion of the recent shipments of pipe that have been unloaded.  He also discussed some minor repairs to the crane that need to be completed.

In other business, the Board began the meeting from hearing from local businessman and long-time former West Helena Alderman Walter Morris.  Morris addressed the Board to "commend and than you for what you have accomplished in the last 20 years."  Morris said that the Port Authority had developed a fine industrial site.  He also added that the Port Authority is not the only ingredient in the industrial recruitment process, citing the need for a good labor force, good schools, and a stable local government.  Morris said, "Somebody will come someday in spite of other weaknesses.

The Board concluded business by hearing the monthly financial report from Treasurer Henry Richmond.


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