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Parks and Recreation DHR 4-26-10

  Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 04-26-10

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 04-19-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Free play 3:30-6pm

Began to supply info to Jim Riley for website

Washed truck

Game Night 40 & over league

Tuesday 04-20-10

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Prepped fields @ N. Helena Park

Central high baseball Game @ N. Helena Park

Ordered Basketball Goals for Sacred Heart Park

Weed eating done @ Sacred Heart Park

Organizing baseball/softball leagues

City converged on CHS for Michael Baseden's Million Mentors initiative; we mentor everyday!

Free play 5pm-6pm

Adult male free play 6pm-close

Wednesday 04-21-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Put up backboards, rims, and nets in Sacred Heart Park

Also had Court painted

Director attended Council Mtg. to present revision plan, but was denied

Free play

Adult Male free play6:00pm-9pm

Thursday 04-22-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Sprayed fields @N Helena Park

Gave N. Helena Concessions key to Debra O'Neal

Took Photo for Dailey World to inform community of ACF Grant

Continued to supply Jim Riley with info for website

Wal-Mart practiced @ HWHCC 7:30 to close

Ms. McKinney conducted D-Tyme Program

Continued baseball/softball registration

Worked on Trails for life Grant Deadline (Oct. 30, 2010)

Worked on Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE)  

Purchased Chemical from Helena Chemical and Fuller Seed

Talked to Rep. from Helena Chemical to see if Round-upwas safe to spray in parks

and would not affect the citizens of this community.

Friday 04-23-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Changed Malco marquee

Continued to spray all parks

Free play 3:30- 6pm

Game Night 40 & over league

  Saturday 04-24- 10

Sunday 04-25-10

Men Softball @2p

Future Activities

         Check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.

         Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.

         Ground work @ Washington Street Park
Prune all trees at North Helena Park and Washington Street Park(Via Street department)

         Repairs to Washington St. bathrooms(Bid Labor$2100, Materials $1216,44) 9-22-09

         Repairs to 10th street bathrooms (Bid Labor $2500, Materials $1475) 9-22-09

         Repairs to A/C on house @ Golf Course

         Repairs to lighting on Washington St.

         Replace basketball goals @ N. Helena, Washington St (Denied CITY COUNCIL)

         Repair baseball field @ 10th street park

         Storage space for equipment

         Running water in all parks

         Improve fencing around pool

         Re-surface Greens at golf course

         Install Foul Poles at Little League Field

         Recruiting coaches for youth football league

         Power turned on at N. Helena Tennis courts

         Check on storage at Cherry St.

         5k run TBA

         Senior Citizen AARP 10- Week Walking Program TBA

         Contacted Someone about building trash cans for parks

         CPR training for HWHCC staff TBA

         Developing Mini conference with other SE Arkansas Park Professionals

         Play ground equipment for parks (2010 budget)($44,603.92) Denied CITY COUNCIL

         Marking the HWHCC parking lot

         Repairs to Cart shed @Golf Course (Bid $3849.77 Materials, Labor $9600) 2-09-08

         Bring HWHCC playground up to standard TBA

         Little League Football TBA

         Summer League Baseball and Softball May 3-7

         Youth league football TBA

         Credit Card Machine @ Golf Course, Phone lines, and computers

         Call Ronnie Smith for progress about trash cans for the parks

         Replace fence at Baseball field

         Backfill dirt along ditch @N. Helena Park



Staff Issues/Concerns

1.       Transportation (Denied City Council)

2.       Two-way Radios

3.       Electronic Marquee for Malco Theater

4.       Need to purchase 4 leaf rakes (Wal-Mart)

5.       More money; Salaries are too low

6.       Talked with Director about the lack of an equipment budget, planned to present a complete list of future projects and equipment needed to City Council in an attempt to gain their assistance in moving this department forward. DENIED!!!!!!!! 4-21-10

7. How are we going to supply the needs of our department?


Fuel Log











HWHCC Monthly Count


January         655


February       1116

March           2613

April              0

May              0

June              0

July               0

August          0

September    0

October        0

November    0

December    0

















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