Thursday, June 24, 2010

Prosecutor Files Petition to Recover Unauthorized Expenditures Against Various City Officials and Employees

I received word from a newspaper reporter that Fletcher Long, Prosecuting Attorney, has filed two (2) actions in the circuit court of Phillips County, Arkansas today.

1. Petition to Recover Unauthorized Expenditures - in the Civil Division; and
2. Information (i. e. petition to remove Michael Boone as City Treasurer) in the Criminal Division.

The persons named in the petition are James Valley, Vincent Bell, Michael Boone, Brian Holloway, Victor Jordan, Joyce Keaton, Bennie Phillips, Jeremy Powell, Ronald Scott, Miguel Casarez, Christopher Clash, Delena Henderson, Chanta Mansfield, Christopher Miller, Terry Newsome, Robert Rogers, Michael Thomas Carl Vann and Alphonso Jones.

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