Thursday, June 17, 2010



Street Department

Date: June 11- 17, 2010

Prepared by
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities:



T Wilson replaced cooling fan on Police unit 18

Tightened belts on Sanitation unit 27

C Davis hauled boxes from old Cedar Chem warehouse to box shop


Took forklift to east side to remove bricks

Replaced front and rear brakes and rotors on Police unit 3

Worked on Parks green Dually-repaired radiator leak and flushed radiator

Filled knuckle boom with antifreeze and washed out radiator


Changed oil in Admin gray GMC Tahoe and washed

Cleaning up shop

Charged A/C in red Parks pickup

Checked radiator in green Parks pickup

Replaced cooling fan in Police unit 8

Checked blades on X300 John Deere lawnmower-under warranty took to Greenway


Installed joystick in Sanitation unit # 30

Assisted removing stuck dozer from ditch @ Springdale Rd.

Assisted with repairs on truck # 107 – tip cylinder rebuilt by E. Womack

Shop cleaning continued

Assisted moving dozer to Holly St. worksite

Replaced hoses on units 106 / 105


Started and repaired white suburban – replaced fuel pump

Cleaned condenser on unit 105




200 block 9th-3

800 block E Garland-1

700 block E Garland-1

100 block 7th-1


Repaired large depression on Guthrie with white rock


100 block Quarles Ln-5

200 block Quarles Ln-3

900 block Anderson-2

Alley behind WH Library-6

Christopher Homes-2


300 block E. Baldwin-4

North Helena Park-2

100 block S.8th- 2


Cut and mowed:


2 lots on Frank Frost

1 lot 700 block Ohio-East side shop

1 lot Walnut and Madison

1 lot Kelly St

Lot # 35

1 lot Missouri and Biscoe


1 lot Old Reeve store corner of Poplar and Walker

Alley between Poplar and Beech

1 lot at Baldwin and Bonanza

2 lots Panama and Sam

1 lot at Pettis Memorial # 3

Sprayed west center green with MSMA

Sprayed behind business district on Plaza with round up


Oak Grove #3

Cut and sprayed center greens in Lincoln Ct

East side City Hall

1 lot Park and Hwy 49

1 lot 165 Hernando St

1 lot Alabama and Gary

1 lot next to 337 So Sam

Lot #10


4 lots @ Perry and Oakland

Lot # 11- Poplar @ Porter

Pecan @ Madison- 2 lots

904 Cherry- 1 lot

Cherry @ Miller- 1 lot

Lot # 15

Lot # 14

Persimmon Alley- 1 lot

Wire Rd. – 1 lot




So Washington

Corner Buckeye and Park

Panama and Baldwin

Animal Control:

Picked up 4 dead animals from vet

Picked up 2 dead animals from streets

Removed dead fox from Richmond Hill

Other Activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Rightor St

Walnut St

Cherry St

Porter St

Perry St

Elm St

Franklin St

Oakland Ave

Quarles Lane

Plaza St

Week June 7-11-10 Desquare Construction filled the following depressions:

Hernando and Park

Ladino and Kelly

Ladino St

Ladino between Baringo and Coanza

Garland and Baringo

300 block No Baringo

Sam and Bonanza


Landfill tonnage 31.04

Picked up limbs at 217 N 9th picked up limbs-citizen request

100 block No 8th cut up tree

Cut up log on Quarles Ln


Speed hump repair Springdale road damaged by tractor trailer-replaced section


Landfill tonnage 25.57

Brickey's inmates cleared trees and saplings from behind 51 Lambert and Terry St

Inmates cleared trees and saplings from 10th St Park parking area

100 block So 4th repaired culvert-need to order a section of pipe to complete

Trimming overgrowth on bottom of crepe myrtles on west center greens


Landfill tonnage 30.11

Finishing trimming overgrowth on bottom of crepe myrtles on west center greens

Checked and started repair work at 1140 Springdale Rd-culvert repair

Loaded paper transport truck with 28 bails of paper


Culvert repair – 1140 Springdale Rd. – washout area repaired with white rock and cold mix

-Per citizen complaint of deteriorating driveway.

Spruce St. – Ditch cleared to stop overflow – per citizen request

Pruning of trees continued on the center greens on east side of town

Loaded paper transport truck with 28 bails of paper – 2nd truck

Work continues on the Valley Dr. Project – foundations being poured for the drain boxes


Crews weed eated around several drains along Miller st.

Drains checked and cleaned out

Part time crew – broken vehicle window – Sherice Green

Assisted with missed cans for sanitation dept

#107 – metal line damaged - will contact River City to get parts







Follow Up Activities:

Repair loop at Oakland and Valley Dr, Hwy 242 and Hwy 49, Hwy 49 & Hwy 49B-Sent request letter to AHTD

Ditch in Lincoln Ct off Mississippi St behind DeSquare residence-will order 120 ft section of pipe

Staff Concerns/Issues:





May 28-Jun 3, 2010






6/11/10 30 22.5 E. Gaston

6/14/10 804 30 T. Bryant

6/15/10 1 14 E. Womack

6/15/10 White Dually 16 T. Collins

6/15/10 13 15 A. Barry

6/15/10 6 15 E. Banks

6/15/10 804 29 T. Bryant

6/15/10 103 16 R. Smith

6/16/10 9 8 O. Hoskins

6/16/10 30 7 E. Butler

6/16/10 804 10 T. Bryant (gas jugs)

6/17/10 804 30 T. Bryant

6/17/10 19 12 C. Smith

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