Friday, July 23, 2010





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan

Date: 7-26-10


Weekly Activities:

Monday 7-19-10

Began the regular Lakeview trash route 4:00am

Washed and serviced the units 21, 24, 26, 27,28 and 30

Continued the demolition on Joe Brady

Tightened the retriever arm on unit 26

Repaired the hitch ball on the Chevy 3500 dually

Serviced fluid level on unit 21

Replaced the headlights on unit 27

Repaired the lift gate on unit 29

Delivered carts to 245 Coanza, 512 Market and 532 West Park

Picked up boxes from Sears, Conoco, Family Dollar, Sonic, Wendy's, Payless, Watson Flowers, Kidney Care, Conoco Helena Crossing and Kipp

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 7-16-10 37.56 Total tonnage 55.10


Tuesday 7-20-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Continued demolition on Joe Brady

Replaced tension pulley on unit 27, belt and pump shaft

Repaired flat on Supervisors truck

Delivered a cart to 234-C North 4th

Replaced a cart at 101 Center

Picked up carts at 615 Beech apt. C, 1404-B Porter, 1224 Pecan, 102 Stratton, 116 Pecan, 1127 Ohio, 716 Poplar, 1121 Walnut, 1123 Walnut

Picked up 2 yard dumpster at 206 East Ridge and returned to yard

Picked up boxes from Wendy's, Cato, Beauty Mania, Watson Flowers, Sears, Conoco, John Deere, Corner Market, Kipp, Bistro, Hoffinger and Pit Stop

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 32.84


Wednesday 7-21-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Continued the demolition on Joe Brady, we are now in the process of removing the slab

Removed the PTO pump on unit 21

Delivered carts to 237 Hernando, 131 Waverly Woods, 600 Grand Avenue and 615 Beech Apt. A

Replaced a cart at 1401 Porter

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Corner Market, Conoco Helena Crossing, Beauty Mania, Cato, Factory Connection, Kipp and Dixie Furniture

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 34.19


Thursday 7-22-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Continued the slab work on Joe Brady

Serviced the PTO on unit 30

Replaced a cart at 108 North Summit

Picked up boxes from Family Dollar, Hibbett Sports, West Helena Flowers, Watson Flowers, Kipp, Food Pantry, West End Liquor, Pit Stop, Bistro, Something Special and Conoco

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 40.70


Friday 7-23-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Continued removing the slab on Joe Brady

Picked up carts at 937 Norman and 1120 Walnut

Delivered a cart to 1002 Arkansas

Picked up boxes from Something Special, Hibbett Sports, Conoco, West End Liquor, Pit Stop, Corner Market, AT&T, Kwik Stop, Sears, Bistro, Graham Plumbing, Sonic, Wholesale Building and Wendy's

Total tonnage taken to Landfill, not complete at report time




Writing estimates for Code Enforcement

Completing the Washington Street drainage project

Selling the processed paper to the highest bidder

Unit 25 still out of service



Razing dilapidated structures

Completing the Sims ditch project

Working with ADEQ on plastic recycling



No major staff concerns at this time

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