Thursday, August 19, 2010

I am Grateful for My Family

I thank God each and every day for a wonderful and caring family that surrounds me. My family is the greatest. (Yours can and may be too).

My brother, Anthony, helped me with a critical computer posting issue that was annoying many of my Facebook friends. He and I worked the issue out so as to minimize the multiple postings which were appearing on everybody's pages. Thank you ANTHONY KEITH VALLEY.

I am also grateful for my other brothers who provide inspiration to me. These guys are great achievers and inspire me to reach higher daily. Raymond lives and works in Fayetteville, AR providing products for the automotive industry. Earl, an Air Traffic Controller, lives in Alaska (no not the whole state, but this is my post and that's how I say it). He served in the Air Force during the early 1980's. Elijah is a Bishop in the Full Gospel Fellowship with territory in Europe. He lives in London, England. He's a retired Air Force man. Selwyn "Tyrone," a retired Navy man, lives in Joliet, IL and works with the U. S. Corp of Engineers. Anthony, the genius, lives in Maumelle, AR and works for Acxiom. Andre is our City Attorney here in Helena-West Helena. Niguel lives in Little Rock, AR and works as a computer consultant.

My sisters are great people too. Sandra is a Minister and works for A T & T. Alice is a manager with Wal*Mart. Alice is a University of Central Arkansas grad and member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. My third sister, Lillian, works for International. Lillian, like Andre and me, is a University of Arkansas Alum; a HOG. My sisters are each and all on loan to the State of Texas, that big piece of land between Arkansas and a vacation in Cancun, Mexico. :-).

My brother Lorenzo no longer works. He is a former Air Force Man and is basically disabled. My eldest brother, Sylvester Valley, Jr.; is in the Chapter Invisible of our grand fraternity KAPPA ALPHA PSI. He expired in November 2002. Before his passing, five of us were members of KAPPA ALPHA PSI. Earl, Anthony, Andre and I are currently members of that NOBLE KLAN. We are true to our charge: Honorable Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.

As I close, what can I say about my mother? She has been a true matriarch. She is the dominant figure in our family. Her thoughts, values and training have molded and shaped many of the decisions that we have made as a family. I am eternally grateful.

My daddy was a great man, too. I miss him.

Finally, I am married to Elizabeth Renee and we have a wonderful set of children who range from preschool to college. They each inspire me and help me to be accountable to God and purpose.

My prayer is that God will continue to bless each of them and each of the people who come to mind as you read this post. I have not tried to include everyone. This blog posting is a caption; a highlight. The real story lies in the actions we take everyday.

You get busy! There's a world out there to conquer. You can do it. I know you can.

God Bless.

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