Friday, September 10, 2010





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan

Date: 9-13-10



Monday 9-6-10

Closed in observance of Labor Day


Tuesday 9-7-10

Began the regular Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Repaired hydraulic pump and hopper light on unit 27

Tightened fingers on unit 26 retriever arm

Removed the track hoe from the Garland Street demolition site, it was discovered Saturday morning that the front side window had been broken out

Delivered carts to 223 Nth 10th, 432 Anderson and 456 Nth Washington

Picked up a cart at 707 Kentucky

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Hibbett Sports, Sears, Central High, JF Wahl, Food Pantry, Conoco Helena Crossing, Kipp, Robertson Furniture, Pit Stop, Watson Flowers, West Helena Flowers, Cato Exxon, Corner Market, Southern Furniture, Bistro, Kidney Care, West Helena Furniture Gallery, Rental Center, Wendy's and Greenway Implements

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 9-3-10 33.43 Total tonnage taken to Landfill 43.50


Wednesday 9-8-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Soldered the wiring harness of the joy stick on unit 26

Replaced the battery cable on unit 29

Removed the leaf spring on the blue and white dump truck for replacement

Replaced a cart at 302 West Street

Met with Mrs. Munnie Jordan to make plans to clear the area in front of the Helena Wholesale Building in preparation for the Blues Festival side stage

Picked up boxes from Corner Market, Kidney Care, Kipp, Central High, Beech Crest, Conoco Helena Crossing, Jordan Kwik Stop, JF Wahl, Watson Flowers, Sonic and Wendy's

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 31.77


Thursday 9-9-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Replaced the air valve on unit 27

Delivered carts to 338 Nth 7th, 403 Market, 904 Walnut, 643 Biscoe, 37 Parkdale, 902 Park 2nd cart, 61 Canna Place 2nd cart, 315 Nth 6th and 408 Helen

Replaced carts at 403 Adams and 40 Edgewood Circle

Picked up boxes from Central High, Food Pantry, Wendy's, Corner Market, JF Wahl, Sonic, Pit Stop, Kidney Care, Greenway Implements, Phillips College, Watson Flowers, West Side and West End Liquor

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 23.57


Friday 9-10-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Adjusted the air brakes on unit 26

Picked up carts from 730 Aaron, 101 Center, 127-B Nth 3rd, 238-A Nth 4th, 109 Nth 5th, 232 Sth 4th, 603 Garland, 208 Nth 7th, 133 Nth 7th, 1227 M.L.K., 713 Moore, 820 Garland, 308 Nth 9th, 133 Sth 10th, 900 East Baldwin, 321 Nth 9th, 311 Nth 11th, 930 Norman, 340 Nth 6th, 66 Lincoln Court, 310 Renee, 309 Desoto, 843 Alabama, 144 Dennis, 114 Dennis, 284 Westwood, 202 Westwood, 230 Phillips 204, 816 Kentucky and 105 Case

Continued to process the boxes collected for the week

Total tonnage taken to Landfill, not complete at report time




Writing estimates for Code Enforcement

Selling the processed paper to the highest bidder

Completing the Washington Street drainage project



Razing dilapidated structures

Completing the Sims ditch project

Working with ADEQ on plastic recycling



No major staff concerns at this time, one CDL position remains open

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