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Street DHR September 7, 2010

Street Department Report – 9/7/2010


Street Department

Date: 8/27/10 – 9/2/10

Prepared by: Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities



T Wilson and T Collins serviced Trac-hoe – filters and screens cleaned / fluids topped off / greased

T Wilson serviced brakes on San. unit # 26 – unit taken to Mayville for additional service

T Wilson repaired window on white dually truck – motor damaged

C Davis and C Smith prepared San. unit # 24 for removal of garbage

Cylinders bled and disassembled

Equipment moved to lot to raise door


C Davis and C Smith assisted T Collins with removal of garbage from burned San. Dept. unit # 24

T Wilson replaced the AC compressor and condenser in Police Dept. unit # 1

T Wilson charged batteries for the street sweeper. It will be used for upcoming Blues Festival.

T Wilson inspected and repaired brake lamps for Police unit # 17


T Wilson adjusted brakes on San Dept. unit # 26

T Wilson changed the relay switch for the Hyd. Pump on San Dept. unit # 27

T Wilson assisted Womack installing Tarp on Street unit # 105

T Wilson repaired arm on San. Dept. unit # 27 – Bolts broken

T Wilson repaired window track in San. Dept. unit # 30

C Davis and C Smith installed new muffler on San. Dept. unit #28


T Wilson welded the door on San. unit # 29 and realigned it to close the locks on rear door

T Wilson repaired San. unit # 27 – field repair – Desoto St.

Picked up unit # 29 from machine shop

T Wilson repaired hyd. pump switch for San. unit # 27

C Davis and C Smith assisted w/ moving equipment to demolition site and teardown


T Wilson replaced transmission strainer for Police unit # 5

T Wilson flushed radiator on police units # 5, # 7, # 15

T Wilson checked and added fluid to San. unit # 21

T Wilson worked on mosquito rig – parts will be in tomorrow

C Davis and C Smith assisted with demolition and removal of debris from Garland St.


Began filling washout on Don St. – road beginning to deteriorate

Cut and Mowed:


Cut grass @ Firefighters Monument

Cut grass @ rifle range

Cut center greens along Oakland Ave

Weed Eater work done in the 100 block of Park St.

Cut grass behind businesses on Plaza St.

Cut ditch on Anderson St. from Sebastian to 4th St.

Cut grass in ditch on Quarles Ln. – in front of Beauty Mania store

Cut grass on the corner of Sebastian and Park @ end of shop yard

Cut grass around several stop signs in the same area

Trimmed several trees on the center green @ Richmond Hill

Cut ditch on the corner of Park and Desoto St.

Cut lot on the corner of Ashlar and Park

Shoulders cut by side cutter 8/27/10

Anderson St. / Springdale Rd. / Wire Rd. / N.College St. / Lot @ the old city shop/ Lot # 15


Cut alley between Columbia and Beech – 700 block

Cut grass @ 801 Old Dominion St. – needs to be billed to homeowner

Cut limbs @ 236 S. Baringo

Cut limbs beside West Side School in alley

Cut lot on Perry / Porter / Oakland Ave.

Trimmed tree limbs on Porter St. lot

Cut grass @ East side shop lot

Weed eater work done in the River Park

Cut lot on the corner of Porter and Poplar St.

Shoulders cut by side cutter 8/30/10

Cut behind Tourist Info. Ctr. / Locust St. / Center St. / Norman St. / Ebony St. / Fir St. / Hackberry St. / 300 block Desoto St. / Lot # 30 / ditch on Coanza @ Baldwin / Lot next to 444 West St.


Cut ditches on Fairview /Westwood / Guthrie

Cut grass on the corner of West St. and Hwy 49

Cut lot on the corner of Russell and Kelly St.

Cut lot on the corner of Park and Hernando St.

Cut ditch @ Sam and Cleburne St.

Cut ditch @ West and Panama St.

Began cutting lot in the 800 block of Pecan St.

Cut alley behind KIPP School and trimmed tree limbs in the area

Shoulders cut by side cutter 8/31/10

Lot next to Poplar Manor Apts. / Lohmans Ln. / Old Little Rock Rd. / Straub Ln. / Lot on Biscoe beside carwash / Lot # 44 / Alley between Cherry and Walnut St. / Lot beside the Kelly Apts. / Lot behind Reeves Gro. / Holly St. / Monroe St. / Pecan St. / Walker St.


Weed eater work done in alleyway between Walnut and Cherry St.

Cut lot @ 830 Pecan – per citizen request to Mayor

Cleared roadway in the 900 block of Holly St. - trimmed overhanging trees and shrubbery

Cut grass @ corner of Franklin and McDonough St.


Cut grass along roadside on the corner of Ashlar and Cleburne St.

Trimmed limbs along road on Ashlar and Park St.

Cut grass in Oak Grove # 1 Cemetery

Cut grass on Pontotoc St.

Cleanup began in the Downtown area – lots and sidewalks being cut and weed eater work being done

Shoulders cut by side cutter 9/2/10

Mimosa St. / Sanders / Lot on Seminole / Lot on Walnut – 100 block / Lot # 1 / Ditch on South St.

Animal Control

Checked on several dog complaints on Sam, Russell, and Kelly St.

Checked on several dog complaints on College, Walker, and Beech St.

Repaired tire for animal control unit – plugged tire / vehicle washed

Removed dog from Helena Crossing Conoco store/ dog taken to vet

1102 Walker – dog returned to resident

O Hoskins, R Smith, C Allen attended Animal Control Training in Eureka Springs AR – 8/30/10 - 9/3/10

Other Activities

Continuous removal of debris throughout the city along designated trash routes

Litter removed daily from primary travel routes in the city:

Perry / Porter / Cherry / Walnut / Rightor / Elm / Franklin / Oakland Ave. /Quarles Ln. / Plaza


Landfill tonnage 17.42

Trash runs finished by 12:00

Vehicles brought in and filters blown out / insides blown out / fluids checked

Womack – Off (Sick)


Landfill tonnage 20.89

Units # 105 / #106 loaded and hauled debris from San. unit # 24 to landfill

Womack met w/ Mayor to determine site for debris disposal @ 100 block of Baringo

# 105 – Limb shifted from bed of vehicle and damaged (2) vehicles. Vehicles photoed and Police Dept. took report.

Alleyway in 100 block between Cherry and Walnut – large pile of furniture – landowner paid employees to clean out residence – will bill to Larry Notto


Landfill tonnage 8.78

Repair # 105 – installed roll-a-way cover

Womack assisted with repair of door track

Several street signs repaired and straightened – Kentucky @ Cherrydale / Arkansas @ Don / Missouri @ Balls Alley

Aramark delivered new uniforms to worksite – several employee labels incorrect

Citizen complaint - 640 Mimosa – resident's driveway damaged by city vehicle - # 107 – edge cracked by boom – talked to resident and contacted masonry repair contractor


Landfill tonnage 12.07

Employees began returning G&K uniforms

Contacted Cunningham for fuel delivery to east side shop

Contacted James Wallace in reference to photo sent from Det. Vann – drain damaged on Perry St – State Right of Way

Began clearing ditch on Don St. w/ mini-trac



Landfill tonnage 19.51

Continued clearing ditch on Don St

Employee issued written warning for inappropriate behavior

# 105 / # 107 assisted with debris removal from Garland St. demolition site

Follow Up Activities

Repair loop at Oakland /Valley – Hwy 242 / Hwy 49 – Hwy 49 / 49B Request sent to AHTD

Lincoln Ct – install pipe behind DeSquare residence

Complete So Summit St. project – half complete

Staff Concerns / Issues

(2) telephones for mechanics


Street Department Gas Log


Name Unit # Gallons Receiver

8/27/10 Mosquito rig F-250 16 C Smith

8/30 10 30 10.1 E Canada

8/30/10 19 38.8 A Steward

8/30/10 101 25.2 J Huff

8/31/10 Box shop truck 21.4 C Holder

8/31/10 Mosquito rig F-250 15.4 R Hawkins

8/31/10 Dodge Ram 21.6 J Branch

8/31/10 13 16 L Driver

9/1/10 30 24 E Canada

9/2/10 101 24.8 J Huff

9/2/10 Mosquito rig F-250 11.5 R Hawkins


Total gallons 224.8

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