Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Does This Picture Refresh Your Memory

Dear Mr. Willis:

You spoke to my brother, Andre, today regarding many things. You, again, accused us (Betty Brimley, E. Dion Wilson and me) and the "law office" of engaging in exactly what you are doing, i. e. funding Bobby Jones and others in the "vote hauling program" whereby people are paid to vote for a certain list of candidates. We have witnessed your list being handed to the paid voters upstairs in the courthouse and being corralled by your workers who then operate the machinery. Supporting a slate of candidates is fine. Paying the person to vote for the slate is unlawful and unethical. Vote hauling is a perversion of GOTV. It is the lowest form of getting out the vote. 

You should be very familiar with these antics. You filed suit against the Honorable State Senator Jack Crumbly in St. Francis County a few years ago accusing him of facts of this very nature. 

You swore to Andre and Betty Brimley that you had nothing to do with Bobby Jones and the crew. The crew is Larry Gray, Daymon Cole, Larry Suggs, Anthony "Duece" Banks and many others. I am told that Duece has a check in the amount of $100.00 from State Representative Clark Hall that you provided to "Duece." 

I am privity to know that you met with Anthony Banks, Larry Gray and Bobby Jones at length the other day at your headquarters. Chalk S. Mitchell joined you in that meeting. Later, you and Chalk met for a while after your minions had been dispatched to other locales.

My query at this point is, does this photo refresh your recollection as to who is working for you and the actions they are taking? I do not care who you hire. I would, however, like for the election to be a fair and open process which is reflective of the voluntary will of the people impacted.

The attached photo clearly depicts your BMW, Bobby Jones' Lexus, Duece's Yukon (SUV) and Larry's Ford Pickup Truck at your campaign headquarters on the day in question. 

I await your response.


James F. Valley
James F. Valley

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