Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Employee Handbook Statement on Computers and Other Technological Resources (Adopted on October 21, 2008 and in use since)

To help maximize its employees' efficiency in carrying out their respective job duties, the City of Helena-West Helena provides various information and technology resources such as e-mail, computers, software/computer applications, networks, the internet, the intranet, facsimile machines, cell phones, pagers, and other wireless communication devices and voice mail systems. Please remember that these tools are City property and must be used in a manner that reflects positively on the City and all who work here. Occasional, limited personal use of these resources is permitted, but should not interfere with your work performance, or the work performance of your colleagues. Employees will be held accountable for all usage of their systems and shall keep their keywords and passwords confidential to protect their assigned equipment and their files from misuse. Employees shall not access or copy software of data belonging to others or to the City. Reading another employee's files is prohibited unless authorized by the department head. Employees shall not transport software or data provided by the City to another computer site without prior authorization from the department responsible for the data.
The City will not tolerate inappropriate or illegal use of these assets and reserves the right to take appropriate disciplinary actions, as needed, up to and including termination of employment. Such inappropriate use of these resources can include, but is not limited to, the following:
• Hacking;
• Pirating software or audio/video files;
• Soliciting
• Distributing literature for outside entities;
• Sending inappropriate e-mails;
• Accessing, viewing, or downloading inappropriate Web sites, i.e., sites advocating hate, violence, sexually explicit material, or promoting illegal activities;
• Distributing confidential information to persons/entities who are not entitled to such information;
• Storing or placing unlawful information on a computer or the network;
• Copying system files without proper authorization;
• Copying copyrighted materials without proper authorization;
Use of abusive or otherwise objectionable language in either public or private messages;
• Sending messages that are likely to result in the loss of the recipient's work or systems use;
• Sending "chain-letters," jokes or lists or any other types of use that would cause congestion or disrupt the operation of the networks or otherwise interfere with the work of others;
• Decryption of system or user passwords.
Only software which has been purchased or approved by the City of Helena-West Helena may be loaded or used on any of its computers. All software, programs, applications, templates, data and data files stored in, residing on, or developed with City computers, networks, or storage media are property of the City and shall not be removed from the workplace without proper authorization. The City's software and software manuals should not be duplicated or reproduced in any manner which would violate the license agreements which pertain to usage of the software.
Computer equipment, including software, should not be removed from City premises without prior written approval from the Department Head.
The City reserves the right to monitor and inspect, without notice, the use of its information and technology resources.


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