Thursday, October 28, 2010

HMWS-EAST DHR 11-01-10

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East Water Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report
Date: 10/28/10
Prepared by: Terry McGinister

Specific Weekly Activities 10/21/10 - 10/27/10

Daily Arkansas One call locates
Daily service calls
Monthly cut offs
Flushed fire hydrants at Ridgemont Road, Valley Drive, East Ridge, Oak Forest, Proctor and Scenic Drive
Unstopped sewer on 1038 Arkansas Street
Repaired 2" inch water service at Central High School
Repaired water services to 1419 and 1421 Springdale Road
Cleaned water plant and chemical building
Cut hedges and vines off of fence at the water plant
Serviced and greased sewer lift stations, hydromatic and Helendale booster stations, and the Biscoe, Missouri and plant wells
Serviced and cleaned the Industrial Park, Helendale, and 401 Road chlorine booster stations
Completed weekly reports

Future Weekly Activities
Finish repairs on pumps at lift station #1 and two employees will attend Water class at Ken's office for renewal hours 11/2/10 - 11/3/10

Follow up Activities
Finish putting rip rap on levees at the sewer ponds and finish installing by pass hook ups at sewer stations #2, #4 and #6

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