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Parks and Recreation Weekly DHR 10/11/2010

   Parks & Recreation Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 10-11-10

Prepared by: B. O'Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 10-04-10

Daily cleaning done @ HWHCC

Taebo class 5pm-6pm

HWHPD Basketball League games 6:30 pm-close

Tuesday 10-05-10

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Taebo Class 5pm

KIPP @ the Malco 5pm-7pm

35 and over league games 6:30pm-close

Wednesday 10-06-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Taebo Class 5pm-6pm

HWHPD Basketball Games 6:30 pm-close

Thursday 10-07-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

35 and over league games cancelled

Taebo Class 5pm-6pm

Friday 10-08-10

Center closed

Saturday 10-09- 10

Sunday 10-10-10

Future Activities

·         Check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.

·         Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.

·         Repairs to Washington St. bathrooms (Bid Labor$2100, Materials $1216,44) 9-22-09

·         Repairs to 10th street bathrooms (Bid Labor $2500, Materials $1475) 9-22-09

·         Repairs to A/C on house @ Golf Course

·         Repairs to lighting on Washington St.

·         Repair baseball field @ 10th street park

·         Storage space for equipment

·         Running water in all parks

·         Improve fencing around pool

·         Re-surface Greens at golf course

·         Install Foul Poles at Little League Field

·         Recruiting coaches for youth football league

·         Check on storage at Cherry St.

·         5k run TBA

·         Senior Citizen AARP 10- Week Walking Program TBA

·         Developing Mini conference with other SE Arkansas Park Professionals

·         Play ground equipment for parks (2010 budget) ($44,603.92)

·         Marking the HWHCC parking lot

·         Repairs to Cart shed @Golf Course (Bid $3849.77 Materials, Labor $9600) 2-09-08

·         Bring HWHCC playground up to standard TBA

·         Little League Football TBA

·         Youth league football TBA; generating more interest

·         Credit Card Machine @ Golf Course, Phone lines, and computers

·         Call Ronnie Smith for progress about trash cans for the parks

·         Replace fence at Baseball field

·         Backfill dirt along ditch @N. Helena Park

·         Tag Trailers

·         Ink for cash register at Golf course

·         Ink for printer at Golf course; Hp Office Jet 4540

·         Upcoming Malco dates for HLT; Show nights November 18,19,20; Rehearsals begin November 1st @ 6:30pm-9:30pm

·         Soon to be announced, Dates for Kyle Miller's upcoming show



Staff Issues/Concerns

1.        Much larger television and floor mats for exercise classes; Great participation!

2.        Seeking ways to implement a more stringent protocol for offenses committed by patrons of the HWHCC

3.        Two-way Radios

4.       Talked with Director about the lack of an equipment budget, planned to present a complete list of future projects and equipment needed to City Council in an attempt to gain their assistance in moving this department forward.

5.     Significant drop in children attending center, typical during this time of year. There is an increase in adult participation in Parkers' exercise program and other forms of adult recreation. 

6.    Kitchen stove needs to be replaced.

7.     Budget Compliance  

8.     Leak @ HWHMGC 

9.     Security during the Police Fundraising Games; suggest a more proactive approach of having units onsite before the crowd arrives. The turnouts are good for the community. It is essential that we maintain a comfortable level of security in order to provide a venue that promotes positive social interactions as well as recreation for all demographics.


Fuel Log




















               20 Gal

                  3-3-10                                O'shea                                GMC                                   21 Gal

                  7-6-10                                 Jamal                                  Dodge                                21 Gal

                  7-11-10                               Jamal                                  Dodge                                21 Gal

                  7-14-10                              Jamal                                   Dodge                               22 Gal

                  7-20-10                                Jamal                                  Dodge                                15 Gal

                  7-20-10                                Jamal                                   Green Truck                     23.8 Gal

                   7-23-10                               Jamal                                    mower's                              12 Gal

                   7-28-10                               Jamal                                 Mower's                             10 Gal



HWHCC Monthly Count


January         655


February       1116

March           2613

April              2471

May              1472

June              2450

July               2175

August          538

September    2019

October        0

November    0

December    0

















O'Shea Burrell
City of Helena-West Helena
Parks and Recreation Director
511 Miller St./P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
870-338-8481 Phone
888-526-6665 Fax
870-995-8991 Cell



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