Friday, November 12, 2010






Date: 11-15-10
prepared by: Victor L. Jordan


Weekly Activities:

Monday 11-8-10

Began the regular Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Washed and serviced the trucks units 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30

Repaired the wipers on the flat bed dually

Changed the oil in unit 26

Picked up boxes from Dixie Furniture, Wendy's, Sonic, Conoco, Sears, JF Wahl, Central High, Hibbett Sports, Corner Market, Clover, West End Liquor, Pit Stop, Watson Flowers, West Helena Flowers, Cato

Southern Furniture, West Helena Fish Market, Roberson Furniture, Bistro, House of Fashion, Conoco Helena Crossing

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 11-5-10 42.93 total tonnage taken to Landfill 22.25


Tuesday 11-9-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Replaced the front brakes on unit 26 and adjusted the rear brakes

Assisted the Street Department with the Mini –track digging a ditch on Abel Street

Replaced the toggle switch for the hopper light on unit 29

Delivered carts to 309 Nth 9th, 715 Ohio and 900 York

Replaced a cart at 404 Persimmon

Picked up boxes from Sonic Rent a Center, Pizza Hut, Central High, Eliza Miller, Stage, Staton, Pit Stop, Dixie Furniture, Wendy's, Juengel Interiors, Family Dollar, Sears, Conoco, Aaron's, House of Fashion Corner Market, Bistro, Roberson Furniture, West Helena Furniture and Pit Stop

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 25.11


Wednesday 11-10-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Picked the blue dump truck from Mayville and Sons, the new transmission and PTO have been installed

Replaced the batteries on unit 28

Serviced the power steering on unit 26

Picked up carts from 1130 Poplar, 1073 Arkansas, 1018 Cherry, 1115 Cherry, 604 Phillips, 239 Joe Brady, 309 Franklin, 1013 Walnut, 1009 Walnut, 1008 Walnut, 419 Grand, 1207 Perry

Assisted the Street Department hauling dirt on Desoto

Picked up boxes from Wendy's, Sears, Pit Stop, Phillips College, Corner Market, Stage, West Side, Family Dollar, Clover, Conoco Helena Crossing, Sonic, Cato, Conoco, Latest Craze, Food Pantry, Watson Flowers, West Helena Flowers, Central High, JF Wahl, Aaron's, Helena Dialysis, West Helena Furniture and Roberson Furniture

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 22.43


Thursday 11-11-10

Closed in observance of Veterans Day

Dispatcher and drivers only reported to work

Took Sanitation unit 28 to Twin City Machine to repair the pin in the over head arm


Friday 11-12-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Repaired the cart tipper arm on unit 29

Replaced a cart at 900 Norman

Delivered a cart to 147 Sth 10th

Picked up a cart at 521 Sth 7th

Picked up boxes from JF Wahl, Central High, Wendy's, Clovr, Southern Furniture, Greenway Implements, Helena Dialysis, Conoco Helena Crossing, Pit Stop, West End Liquor, Watson Flowers, West Helena Flowers, Corner Market, Sonic, Aaron's, Bedroom Warehouse, Pizza Hut, Food Pantry, Sears, Conoco, and House of Fashion

Total tonnage taken to Landfill for 11-11-10 27.60, tonnage not complete at report time



Writing estimates for Code Enforcement

Selling the processed paper highest bidder



Working with ADEQ on plastic recycling

Razing dilapidated structures



No major staff concerns at this time




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