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Street Department Report 11/8/2010




Street Department

Date Oct 29 , - Nov 4 , 2010

Prepared by
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities:



T Wilson went to Dewitt to pick up Kubota tractor

C Davis and C Smith replaced hydraulic pump and PTO on Sanitation unit 21


T Wilson changed oil in Admin Black Tahoe

T Wilson Changed rear brakes and changed out battery on Admin Tundra

C Smith changed wires on starter on Sanitation unit 26

C Smith changed oil in Street unit 1

T Wilson changed oil and replaced alternator on Police unit 7

T Wilson changed oil in Police Black Tahoe

C Davis and C Smith repaired transmission leak and repaired exhaust pipe on Sanitation unit 21


C Smith changed temperature sensor in Street unit 1

C Davis and C Smith escorted Sanitation unit 21 to shop from Fairview St-(Brake problems)

C Smith and C Davis adjusted brakes on Sanitation unit 21

C Smith and C Davis replaced water pump on F350 white dually

T Wilson changed oil in Police units 23, 16

T Wilson replaced studs in front right wheel of Police unit 16

C Smith added transmission fluid to Sanitation unit 26

C Smith changed oil in Street unit 13


T Wilson checked transmission fluid in Sanitation unit 21

T Wilson adjusted brakes on Sanitation unit 26

C Davis and C Smith removed water pump from White dually F350

C Davis dumped (2) 8 yd dumpsters at Beechcrest School


T Wilson worked on joystick in Sanitation unit 26

T Wilson greased throw out bearings on knuckle boom 106

T Wilson adjusted brakes on Sanitation 26

T Wilson repaired starter wire on Police unit 21

T Wilson worked on fan on Police unit 17

C Smith replaced water pump on White dually F350

C Davis and C Smith straightened ladder on Sanitation unit 28


Canna Place and Valley Dr

700 block Poplar-1

600 block Rightor and Columbia

Cut and Mowed:

Lot# 1

Animal Control:

Picked up 13 dead animals from vet

Picked up 10 dead animals from streets

Kate Freres from Humane Society picked up (1) Pit Bull from shop yard 10/29/10- animal removed from Central High School campus

Kate Freres picked up (3) animals –animals removed from the following residences: (1) from 302 West St – (1) from 146 E Baldwin and (1) from1218 Bell St 11/1/10

R Smith checked on strays on Crescent Dr


Other Activities:

Continuous removal of debris throughout city on designated trash routes

Litter pick up at primary routes of City:

Rightor St

Walnut St

Cherry St

Porter St

Perry St

Elm St

Franklin St

Oakland Ave

Quarles Lane

Plaza St


Landfill tonnage-18.92

Womack and T Collins dug out drainage ditches on East Grand Ave and removed all dirt

C Mills replaced red traffic signal at Sebastian and Plaza

R Smith, B Clayton, and C Griffin traffic control on Newman Dr for Desquare Construction road repair

R Smith, B Clayton swept up glass on sidewalk in 300 block of Cherry

R Smith checked on strays running at large at Woodruff School

C Allen, L Driver picked up stray dog at Central High School Campus

Hoskins contacted Kate Freres with Humane Society to pick up animal

Desquare Construction completed depression road repair on Newman Dr


Landfill tonnage-6.21

B Clayton and C Griffin repaired pot hole at Canna Place and Valley Dr

Amos Electric began picking up Christmas decorations from Ohio shop

E Jimmerson hauled 65 tires to waste disposal site

Womack getting materials together for speed hump placement on Sunset and Forrest Hill

R Curtis, B Clayton, C Griffin straightened stop sign in 400 block of Elm and Pecan


Landfill tonnage-14.80

Hoskins met Kate Freres with Humane Society on disposition of dog released to their custody

Womack removed rebar pertruding from storm drain cover at corner on Cherry and Market St

Crews Cleared and checked storm drains:

100 block Frank Frost

500 block York

400 block Miller

400 block McDonough

700 block Market

No 10th at City Park

400 block Phillips

No 5th, 6th and Cooke St

Hoskins- AR One Call drainage ditch on Abel St

R Smith straightened out (2) street signs in 500 block of Phillips St


Landfill tonnage-10.84

R Smith straightened up stop sign at Walker and Columbia

R Smith repaired stop sign at Walker and Holly St

Womack continued preparation for road spikes on Sunset St

Womack replaced pin in Street unit 30 trailer tail gate

Womack called in street hazard on St Francis St in front of Beautiful Zion Church-low hanging line

Womack cut up and removed tree at 1015 Franklin St - tree freed from power and cable lines by cable company

Repaired stop signs:

Beech and Walker

College and Market

700 block of Market and Columbia

R Smith, B Clayton, and C Griffin cleaned ditches of debris:

Corner of Madison and Pecan St

Jefferson and Pecan

Jefferson and Madison-removed 3 tires


Landfill tonnage-13.06

Womack and Hoskins met with Mike Tatum Service Manager with G&K Services on uniform discrepancies

Serviced knuckle booms 105, 106, and 107- greased booms

Womack called out after hours- lights on knuckle boom 106-has faulty switch unplugged battery and will order part on 11/5/10

Continued checking drains throughout city after rains

Follow Up Activities:

Repair loop at Oakland and Valley Dr, Hwy 242 and Hwy 49, Hwy 49 & Hwy 49B-Sent request letter to AHTD

Ordered loop wire 10/14/10 from Shelby Electric to repair loops

Ditch in Lincoln Ct off Mississippi St behind DeSquare residence-picked up pipe

from Young's Custom svc on 8/3/10

Staff Concerns/Issues




Oct 22 - Oct 28 , 2010









E Butler




A Stewart




O Hoskins


Box Shop Dodge


C Holder




C Griffin




R Butler




L Driver




C Smith






















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