Thursday, December 16, 2010

HMWS-East DHR 12/20/2010

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East Water Weekly Report

Weekly Department Report
Date: 12/16/10
Prepared by: Terry McGinister

Specific Weekly Activities 12/08/10 - 12/15/10

Daily Arkansas One call locates
Daily service calls
Monthly meter readings
Repaired 2" inch water leak on Hillcrest and Prairie Street
Cleaned basket at lift stations #1 and #6
Unstopped sewer on Market Street
Five employees attended District Meeting in Colts, Arkansas
Repaired drive shaft on pump #3 at lift station #6
Repaired problem with totalizator at lift station #6
Repaired basket at lift station #6
Replaced heater at the hydromatic booster station
Employees attended City Safety Meeting
Checked chlorine booster stations
Unloaded chemical truck
Filled in holes at Franklin, Miller, and Walker, Holly Streets

Future Weekly Activities
Finish repairs on pump #3 at lift stations #1

Follow up Activities
Finish putting rip rap on levees at the sewer ponds and finish installing by pass hook ups at sewer stations #2, #4, and #6

Staff Concerns/Issues
Scheduling classes for all employee license renewal

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