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Street DHR 12/27/2010

Street Department Report – 12/27/2010

Department: Street Department

Date: December 17, 2010 – December 23, 2010

Prepared By:
Oscar Hoskins and Earnest Womack

Specific Weekly Activities



T Wilson charged battery for street unit # 30

T Wilson changed fuel filter in street unit # 106


C Smith and C Davis went to landfill to repair sanitation unit # 26 - needs radiator

C Smith put hose on sanitation unit # 28

C smith and C Davis assisted box shop crew by collecting boxes from the Bookstore

T Wilson off


C Smith removed radiator from sanitation unit # 27

C Smith removed faulty starter from street unit # 30

C smith replaced rear brake lens on sanitation unit – box shop truck

C Smith replaced turn signal on sanitation unit # 100

T Wilson off


Crews worked ½ day in observance of the Christmas Holiday

C Smith and C Davis hauled dirt from Arkansas St cleanup site

C Smith adjusted brakes on sanitation unit 26

C Davis hauled rocks to Westside school for roadway



Crews off for Christmas Holiday


Checked on pothole at 115 N 9th St – citizen complaint

N 10th St – 5 potholes filled

Anderson St – 4 potholes filled

Art St – 6 potholes filled

Jordan St – 1 pothole filled

Animal Control:

Several dead animals removed from the streets – Stonebrook/ 7th

Delta Fellowship Church – removed raccoon from dumpster – citizen request

Other Activities:

Hard trash routes advanced to accommodate holiday

Crews are collecting seasonal leaf bags and boxes for disposal

Continuous removal of debris from city along designated hard trash routes

Litter pickup and removal along primary routes of travel:

Perry, Porter, Oakland, Sebastian, Plaza, Biscoe, Cherry, Walnut, Quarles Ln.


Unit #106 – took to Mayville for diagnosis – fuel injector sensors – sensors reset due to power loss

Unit # 106 – changed fuel filter

Womack traveled to Marianna to pick up worm gear for 455 Husqvarna chainsaw @ Discount AG

Washout repair – Stonebrook Rd – used (1) load of bricks and ½ load cold mix

Stonebrook Rd – trimmed hanging storm debris from roadside – citizen complaint

#105 – Damaged power line on Market St – Power Company called and line repaired





DH meeting

Womack contacted NAPA concerning throttle cable for Sanitation bob-truck; part will be in 12/21

Jackson St – construction debris removed – citizen request

Hill and Hill finished curbing on First and McDonough streets – will check for possible culvert

Paper detail done on Rightor St from Columbia to Walnut


Paper detail done around picnic area in the Helena River Park

Poplar @ Adams – removed tree limb blocking road – citizen complaint

517 Garland – went to residence to check on tree leaning over house – needs to addressed by land owner


½ Day – Holiday

Located drain pipe in front of Rev Williams residence – needs to be cleared with the drain blaster


Off for Holiday

Follow Up Activities:

Repair highway traffic loops at several locations – Oakland @ Valley Dr / Hwy 242 @ 49 /49 @ 49 B – request letter sent to AHTD

Staff Concerns/ Issues:

None at this time

Street Department Gas Log

December 17, 2010 - December

Date Logged By Amount Veh. #

12/17 Oscar (Oshea – Little Rock) 10.4     9

12/20     Oscar    24.9    9

12/21 C Smith 21.7 Dually

12/21    J Huff    20.1    101

12/21    R Smith    25.6    103

12/21    A Stewart    16.4 F-150

12/21    C Holder    19.5     Box Truck

12/ 22     L Driver    17.7    13


Total 156.3

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