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Parks and Recreation Weekly DHR March 8, 2010

  Weekly Report

Department: Parks and Recreation

Date: 03-08-10

Prepared by: B. O’Shea Burrell

Specific Weekly Activities

Monday 03-01-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Afterschool Tutorial 3:30-5pm

Began to assemble baseball equipment

Free play

Practice for Coaches Antonio and West 5:30- 7:30pm

Adult male free play 7:30- Close

Tuesday 03-02-10

Daily cleaning @ HWHCC

Mrs. McKinney conducted D-Tyme Program @ HWHCC

Finished the assembly of baseball equipment

After school tutorial 3:30pm-5pm

Free play 5pm-6pm

Game night; Boy’s league began 6pm- close

Wednesday 03-03-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Started to prep baseball field

After school tutorial 3:30pm-5pm

Coaches Henry practiced 5:30pm-7:30pm

Adult Male free play7:30pm-9pm

Thursday 03-04-10

Daily cleaning done @HWHCC

Finished prepping softball field

Continued baseball/softball registration

D-Tyme after school program held @ HWHCC 3:30-5pm

Game night ; Boys league 6pm-close 

Worked on Trails for life Grant Deadline (Oct. 30, 2010)

Worked on Communities Creating Healthy Environments (CCHE)

Friday 03-05-10

Daily cleaning done @ HWHCC

Staff meeting

Installing foul poles @ North Helena baseball field

40 & over league begins 6:30pm

  Saturday 03-06- 10

Waco Texas Mission Team arrives

Teach for America to use Malco 12-2

Sunday 03-07-10

Future Activities

·         Check fire extinguisher every month and Initial after inspection.

·         Fire extinguisher need to be replaced in light room.

·         Ground work @ Washington Street Park
Prune all trees at North Helena Park and Washington Street Park(Via Street department)

·         Repairs to Washington St. bathrooms(Bid Labor$2100, Materials $1216,44) 9-22-09

·         Repairs to 10th street bathrooms (Bid Labor $2500, Materials $1475) 9-22-09

·         Repairs to A/C on house @ Golf Course

·         Repairs to lighting on Washington St.

·         Replace basketball goals @ N. Helena, Washington St., Catholic Hollow

·         Repair baseball field @ 10th street park

·         Storage space for equipment

·         Running water in all parks

·         Improve fencing around pool

·         Re-surface Greens at golf course

·         Repair goals in Hollow

·         Fix the trimming on backboards at HWHCC

·         Install Foul Poles at Little League Field

·         Recruiting coaches for youth football league

·         Power turned on at N. Helena Tennis courts

·         Check on storage at Cherry St.

·         5k run TBA

·         Senior Citizen AARP 10- Week Walking Program TBA

·         Start date for boy’s league TBA

·         Contacted Someone about building trash cans for parks

·         CPR training for HWHCC staff TBA

·         Developing Mini conference with other SE Arkansas Park Professionals

·         Play ground equipment for parks (2010 budget)($44,603.92)

·         Marking the HWHCC parking lot

·         Repairs to Cart shed @Golf Course (Bid $3849.77 Materials, Labor $9600) 2-09-08

·         Bring HWHCC playground up to standard TBA

·         Little League Football TBA

·         Summer League Baseball and Softball TBA

·         Youth league football TBA

·         Credit Card Machine @ Golf Course, Phone lines, and computers

·         Call Ronnie Smith for progress about trash cans for the parks

·         Remove debris from N. Helena Park fence row

·         Replace fence at Baseball field

·         Back fill dirt along ditch @N. Helena Park

·         Waco Texas Mission Team Mar 6th-12th

·         Commodity Mar 15th arrival; distribution Mar. 19th 10am-4pm

·         Mission Team from Missouri Mar. 22nd-26th

·         U of A Technology Team Mar 15th-19th

·         Tag Trailors



Staff Issues/Concerns

1.       Transportation

2.       Two-way Radios (gone to shop)

3.       Electronic Marquee for Malco Theater

4.       Transmission needed in white dodge

5.       Need to purchase 4 leaf rakes(Wal-Mart)

6.       More money

7.       Talked with Director about the lack of an equipment budget. Planned to present a complete list of future projects and equipment needed to City Council in an attempt to gain their assistance in moving this department forward.


Fuel Log




















               20 Gal

                  3-3-10                                O’shea                                GMC                                   21 Gal



HWHCC Monthly Count


January         655


February       1116

March           0

April              0

May              0

June              0

July               0

August          0

September    0

October        0

November    0

December    0

















O'Shea Burrell
City of Helena-West Helena
Parks and Recreation Director
511 Miller St./P O Box 248
Helena-West Helena, AR 72342
870-338-8481 Phone
888-526-6665 Fax
870-995-8991 Cell




Friday, March 5, 2010





Prepared by: Victor L. Jordan

Date: 3-8-10


Weekly Activities:

Monday 3-1-10

Began the regular Lakeview trash route at 4:00am

Repaired the sliding door cylinder back on unit 24

Tried to repair the joy stick on unit 26 could not find the problem

Replaced the door pin on the blue and white dump truck

Tightened the arm chains on unit 27

Repaired a electrical shortage on the fork lift

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Beech Crest, Central High, JF Wahl, Kidney Care, Corner Market, Conoco, County Jail, Watson Flowers, Beauty Mania, Shoe Show and Cato

Delivered cart to 402 Garland

Replaced a cart at 836 Arkansas

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 2-26-10 32.27

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 29.95


Tuesday 3-2-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Took the Chevy flat bed 3500 to Spakes and had the Sanitation logos installed

Replaced the joy stick on unit 26

Repaired the rear end refuse gate of unit 29

Delivered carts to 602 Ladino, 229 Joe Brady, Johnson Studio and 612 Forrest Hill

Replaced a cart at 1410 Cherry

Delivered a cart to 612 Forrest Hill

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Sears, Dixie Furniture, Beech Crest, Central High, Hoffinger's, Food Pantry, Kidney Care, Kipp, Delta Gypsy and JF Wahl

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 28.95


Wednesday 3-3-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Replaced a hydraulic hose on unit 27

Bleed the clutch on the Chevy flat bed 3500

Delivered carts to 216 Joe Brady and 413 Adams

Delivered a 2 yard dumpster to Mobile One

Replaced a tire on the cart trailer

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Central High, Dixie Furniture, JF Wahl, Watson Flowers, Corner Market, Kidney Care and Conoco

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 28.00


Thursday 3-4-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

Serviced unit 29, added coolant and top off fluids

Replaced two tires on the Dodge box truck and changed the oil

Continued with the clean up at Three Rivers Flooring with the blue dump truck

Delivered carts to 234 Saint Frances, 1105 College and 155 Center

Picked up a cart at 408 Anderson

Replaced a cart at 526 Perry

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Central High, JF Wahl, Beech Crest, Dixie Furniture, Sears, Corner Market Juengel and Conoco

Total tonnage taken to Landfill 17.73


Friday 3-5-10

Began the regular trash route at 4:00am

With unit 26 out of service we used one of the commercial unit and a dumpster to complete the routes

Street Foreman Earnest Womack took unit 26 to Scruggs in Memphis for repair

Picked up boxes from Sonic, Wendy's, Central High, Conoco, Kidney Care, Food Pantry, Watson Flowers, Factory Connection, Corner Market, Pit Stop, JF Wahl and Beech Crest

Continued to process boxes collected for the week

Total tonnage not complete at report time




Unit 25 still in disrepair

Writing estimates for Code Enforcement

Completing the Washington Street project



Plastics recycling

Selling the processed paper

Razing dilapidated structures

Starting the Sims ditch project



No major staff concerns at this time




Weekly Fire Department Report 3/8/10

Weekly Department Report


Date: 3/8/10

Prepared by Chief Reginald Wilson


Specific Weekly Activities

East Side Runs

3/4/10-1864 PC 300 Old Little Rock Rd. – Shed Fire

3/5/10-110 Hospital Dr. – Smoke Scare

West Side Runs

2/25/10- Eliza Miller School – Smoke Scare

2/28/10-429 West Cleburne – Gas Leak

2/28/10-295 Maple Street (Lexa) –Grass Fire

3/2/10 – Hwy 49 West – Medical Assist

3/5/10 – 413 Kelly Street – Electrical Short


Future Activities

***Schedule Fire Inspections in Helena-West Helena

***Drug Education Class – March 16 From 10:00 – 12:00 in Council Room









Gas Log



















Gas Cans





Police DHR 03/08/2010

Police (DHR) March 08, 2010

Helena- West Helena Police Department

“We Serve, We Care”

Date: March 08, 2010

Reporting Dates: February 27- March 3, 2010

Prepared By: Office Manager, Records & Communications Department

Crime Data

Disturbance: 40

Burglary: 06

Stolen Vehicle: 00

Alarm: 18

Escort: 26

Missing Person: 01

Communication Center:

Dispatch/ Call Intake:

Landline: 2,936

911 Calls: 552

Officers Weekly Gas Usage


Bond & Fine


Vehicle Status

Unit 01 / Need Repairs / Front End

Unit 15 / Out of Service / Accident

Unit 19 / Out of Service / Accident

Unit 20/ Out of Service/ Accident

Officer Contacts

Tickets: 59

Arrest: 22

Affidavits: 10

Reports: 39

Accidents: 05

Building Checks: 464

Officer Response to Citizens/ Contacts: 485

Uniform Patrol Division

Shift 1 / Target Areas (Day)

08 Citations

09 Disturbances

06 Misdemeanor Arrest

18 Traffic Stops

39 Building Checks

Shift 2/ Target Areas (Evening)

20 Citations

06 Disturbances

05 Misdemeanor Arrest

20 Traffic Stops

50 Building Checks

Shift 3 / Target Areas (Day)

24 Citations

14 Disturbances

08 Misdemeanor Arrest

02 Felony Arrest

12 Traffic Stops

160 Building Checks

Shift 4 / Target Areas (Evening)

07 Citations

11 Disturbances

03 Misdemeanor Arrest

01 Felony

30 Traffic Stops

215 Building Checks

Tickets Issued for reporting period

DWI: 01 (Year to Date: 01)

Suspended Driver License: 06

Possession Controlled Substance: 01

Speeding: 10

Loud Music: 00

Seat Belt: 11

Stop Sign Violation: 08

No Insurance: 05

No Vehicle Registration: 09

Specific Weekly Activities

Captain Meeting / Plan of Action


False Alarms / Compliances

DWI/ Task Force

Drug Awareness/ City Schools

Underage Drinking Coalition/ City Schools

Youth Services / Little Rock

Campus Crime Prevention/ City Schools

Domestic Violence / Task Force

Special Services

Domestic Violence Unit / Support Group

Up and Coming Activities

Grandparents / Raising Grandchildren/ March11

ALETA / Graduation / Officer Jeremy Bramlett / March 26

Parent Day / School District / April 10

Special Training

ACIC/ Level I / Little Rock

ACIC / Level II/ Little Rock

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