Sunday, January 23, 2011

Robbery at Wal*Mart 714?

There was an event at the Wal*Mart Store #714 on Sheila Street, Helena-West Helena, Arkansas which involved thieves looting the store for its cash on hand. This event took place late Saturday night or early Sunday morning, according to our reports. The amount, believed to be several thousand dollars, has not been disclosed. No one was injured in the event which has been described as a quick occurrence and not a strong arm robbery.

The Helena West Helena Police Department is investigating. As information is made public, we will update this story.

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Anonymous said...

i think that town needs more officers to patrol that area security guards in the stores at the doors and to walk around inside also!!! i no longer live there and am glad i dont i have a younger son and his family there but hopefully they get out of there soon there are no jobs there and nothing for younger kids to do there it is not a good place to live at all